Caselles Family

Bodega SinFin is a family-owned company dedicated to vineyard growing since 1975 and currently producing high quality wines. With true passion, and convinced that wine transcends, affects and conquers; the philosophy of the winery is to create sensations and keep them inside each bottle to be poured out at the appropriate moment. With over 30 years of experience in the vine growing industry, today SinFin is one of the argentine wineries that has achieved innovation introducing its wines to the local and international markets. The quality and excellence of its wines, reflected in awards obtained, are merit of our effort and commitment, our dedicated winemaker and relying on the expert advice of María Isabel Mijares, internationally renowned Master of Wine. SinFin, a unique concept of a family brand, expresses the wish of a dream turned into a non-ending reality. It expresses the value of terroir and human labor, seeking to satisfy with quality wines.